In World of Warships, players earn various rewards by:

  • Capturing and protecting key areas and bases
  • Damaging enemy ships
  • Destroying enemy ships
  • Destroying enemy aircraft

Experience Edit

Earning experience allows for:

  • Research modules for the selected ship
  • Master Commander skills
  • Unlock new ships in the Tech Tree
  • Move through the Service Record levels

Free experience Edit

Free experience can be used for the following:

  • Unlock any ship in the Tech Tree
  • Research any module of a ship you have unlocked

Credits Edit

Credits are the in-game currency and can be used to:

  • Repair warships
  • Purchase consumables and camouflages
  • Buy upgrades, modules, and new ships

Achievements Edit

Achievements are mostly awarded for exceptional battle effectiveness. Along with achievements, players also earn Signal Flags to decorate their ship and enhance her battle performance or profitability.

Battle Performance Edit

Success in various battle activities is indicated by ribbons awarded while battling in real-time and in post-battle results. They help players realize exactly how they're playing and how well they've supported their team.

Missions Edit

Players receive additional rewards for completing various Daily Missions in Random and Ranked Battles. A new mission is added every 24 hours to replace the completed one. Events, Challenges, and Missions are a more complex (and rewarding) alternative to Daily Missions. Players can get new consumables, upgrades, Signal Flags, and even a whole new ship.