Built longer and with more advanced engineering than preceding ships in her class, Germany created Prinz Eugen with staying power in mind. She remained unsunk throughout the war and survived two atomic bomb tests in the postwar years. While her legacy is impressive, Prinz Eugen had unconventional origins. The role she ultimately played wasn't the one Germany had in mind.

Strengths Edit

  • The main battery's long range and fast 13-second reload
  • High alpha damage with penetrating AP shells (5900 per shell)
  • Responsive handling
  • Quick turret traverse lets you rapidly engage and switch targets, especially at close range
  • Torpedo tubes have a wide traverse to allow less exposure when launching
  • A great "anti-cruiser cruiser" due to high-penetration AP shells

Weaknesses Edit

  • Low HE damage --fire AP instead!
  • Thinner armor and an easily-damaged rudder and engines
  • Poor concealment, meaning you can be easily detected and focused
  • Short torpedo range
  • Not the best AA armament

Images Edit