Krasny Krym is a tier V cruiser with a tumultuous history. It was built as Svetlana, and completed years after the Revolution. Then she underwent several modernization programs before seeing intense action in World War II.

Strengths Edit

Krasny Krym is a swift cruiser with a potent broadside armament, perfect for waltzing in with a squadron of lighter ships and delivering streams of shells to light enemies on fire.

Weaknesses Edit

While Krasny Krym excels at delivering rapid volleys, she can't take much of a beating, doesn't have much AA, and her torpedoes should be used a last resort.

Notes Edit

  • Stick with other cruisers or destroyers and use the ship's volume of fire to counter lighter enemy vessels.
  • Avoid going alone or taking on more than one enemy at a time, and try to avoid situations where you're exposed to concentrated fire from larger enemy vessels.
  • Stay intact and use your speed to stay in the fight.

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