The game mode defines team objectives for the upcoming battle and influences battle tactics.

Standard Edit

Standard Game Mode

Number of bases or key areas: 2 (one for each team).

This is the baseline mode in World of Warships. The mission is to capture or "cap" the enemy base or destroy all enemy warships. One player can cap in three minutes; two or more will take 90 seconds. Additional players won't increase the speed, just spread the points around. Taking any damage will cause a loss of half a player's capture points.

Battle types: IconCoOpBattleIconRandomBattle

Domination Edit

Domination Game Mode

Number of bases or key areas: up to 5.

This mode has multiple neutral capture areas between the two opposing teams. The goal is to advance the team’s victory points to 1,000 before the other team does so. A team earns victory points by capturing and holding areas and by sinking enemy ships. (Destroying all enemy ships ends the battle immediately.) Players do not earn any combat XP by capturing or defending zones in this mode.

Battle types: IconCoOpBattleIconRandomBattleIconRankedBattleIconTeamBattle

Epicenter Edit

Epicenter Game Mode

Number of bases or key areas: 1.

The game mode is aimed at encouraging more aggressive gameplay with close range encounters. Epicenter is a huge zone of concentric capture areas, with each of the "rings" treated as separate capture area for scoring purposes. As teams move from the outer areas into the center, they begin to accrue capture points for the outer "rings" they are within. With this arrangement of key areas, the most advantageous tactic is to hold the central (smallest) key area.

Battle types: IconCoOpBattleIconRandomBattle

Bastion Edit

Bastion Game Mode

Number of bases or key areas: 3 to 4.

The main feature of this mode is the inclusion of onshore installations, like forts and surveillance stations, located in specific capture sectors across the map. While these sectors are neutral, the installations do not participate in a battle. Once captured, they start to provide fire and reconnaissance support to the team who controls them. To win, a team must be the first to earn 1,000 points by suppressing and capturing enemy fortifications, and destroying enemy ships.

Battle types: IconRandomBattle