Players can customize a ship to their liking and stand out from other players while getting a boost in battle. Go to the EXTERIOR tab to select a camouflage and signal flags for a ship.

Signals and camouflage last for only one battle. Click ENABLE under Auto-resupply to mount signals and apply camouflage automatically after each battle.

Camouflage Edit


Camouflage is a special paint scheme that provides bonuses to a warship. Two basic types of camouflage are available in the game. The first one reduces ship detectability during battle, while the other decreases the accuracy of the enemy aiming at a ship.

Players can buy camouflages with credits and doubloons.

Signals Edit


Naval insignia in the form of one or more Signal Flags that are designed to not only decorate a ship, but mostly to tweak her battle performance or profitability. Players can earn signals for exceptional battle achievements once per day or buy them with doubloons.

Players do not have to limit themselves to one Signal Flag. All ships in the game, except for carriers, can mount up to eight signals simultaneously.

Developer Diaries Camouflage and Signal Flags

Developer Diaries Camouflage and Signal Flags