As Commanders earn more experience, they receive special points that enable them to choose and master skills that improve ship parameters and present additional gameplay capabilities. Basic skills require only one point to master, while more advanced skills require up to four points.

When buying a new ship, players also need to recruit a new Commander trained to one of three available levels:

  • Basic Training. Commander is recruited for free and has no skill points.
  • Naval Academy. Commander is recruited with credits and has one undistributed point.
  • Senior Command Course. Commander is recruited with doubloons and has three undistributed points.

Skills Edit

Icon Name Description
IconExpertLoader Expert Loader Accelerates shell type switching if all main battery guns are loaded.
IconBasicFiringTraining Basic Firing Training Decreases reload times for small-caliber guns and increases AA efficiency.
IconBasicsofSurvivability Basics of Survivability Decreases repair time for repair, fire extinguishing, and recovery from flooding.
IconSituationAwareness Situation Awareness An indicator is displayed when your ship is detected by an enemy ship or aircraft.
IconExpertRearGunner Expert Rear Gunner Increases efficiency of self-defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners.
IconExpertMarksman Expert Marksman Increases the traverse speed of guns.
IconTorpedoArmamentExpertise Torpedo Armament Expertise Reduces reload time of torpedo tubes and servicing time of torpedo bombers.
IconFirePrevention Fire Prevention Reduces the risk of fire.
IconIncomingFireAlert Incoming Fire Alert Indicates incoming long-range enemy artillery fire.
IconHighAlert High Alert Reduces reload time of Damage Control Party consumable.
IconVigilance Vigilance Extends torpedo acquisition range.
IconDogfightingExpert Dogfighting Expert Fighters with cruise speed lower than the enemy’s fighters receive a temporary increase in attack power.
IconSuperintendent Superintendent Increases the capacity of consumables.
IconDemolitionExpert Demolition Expert Increases the chance of fire on target caused by a shell or bomb.
IconAdvancedFiringTraining Advanced Firing Training Increases attack distance of small-caliber armaments (including AA).
IconLastStand Last Stand The ship remains able to move and maneuver while the engine or steering gears are incapacitated.
IconAircraftServicingExpert Aircraft Servicing Expert Increases servicing speed and survivability for carrier-based aircraft.
IconLastChance Last Chance Increase reload speed of all armaments when the ship has low HP.
IconPreventiveMaintenance Preventive Maintenance Reduces the risk of ship modules becoming incapacitated.
IconConcealmentExpert Concealment Expert Reduces ship detectability.
IconAirSupremacy Air Supremacy Increases the number of aircraft in squadrons.
IconJackofAllTrades Jack of All Trades Reduces reload time of all mounted consumables.