An Edinburgh-class light cruiser, one of the most powerful among same-type ships in the Royal Navy during World War II. Underwent several major upgrades. Instead of AA and torpedo armament, the ship received improved anti-torpedo protection and an enhanced surveillance radar. Belfast is a premium ship, only acquired through real-life currency at the shop.

Strengths Edit

  • Great detection and spotting range, augmented further by radar and hydroacoustics.
  • Has her own smoke generator for additional stealth capabilities.
  • Accurate guns with decent range make her an excellent long-range fighter.
  • A British cruiser with HE rounds!

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak armor. Armor is especially weak over citadels, making her super squishy without a skilled captain at the helm.
  • Can't use "Repair Party" consumable.
  • No torpedoes.
  • HE rounds have a low chance of setting fires.

Images Edit