There are two types of shells at a player's disposal, and each is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

High-Explosive Shells Edit

High Explosive Shells

High-explosive (HE) shells can cause a lot of trouble to any lightly armored warship. They're capable of causing damage to the ship’s superstructure, which amounts to everything on the ship's deck except her gun turrets. HE shells can also set ships on fire, slowly but steadily lowering their HP.

Armor-Piercing Shells Edit

Armor Piercing Shells

Armor-piercing (AP) shells are most dangerous when fired at heavy cruisers and battleships. AP shells are designed to punch through thick armor and disable the most essential and protected modules inside the ship. A lucky shot from a relatively close distance can cause a detonation inside the hull and completely destroy the ship.

Naval Academy - Types of Shells

Naval Academy - Types of Shells